Photography at David Rhys Enterprises Ltd | About
My name is David Norfolk and I work for my own company, David Rhys Enterprises Ltd (Reg. No. 4103069 in the UK, VAT No GB692022939). I was an amateur photographer for many years, and was taught colour darkroom in Australia. I now take photographs professionally and work digitally. I have achieved my ARPS Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society.

I like to explore alternative realities (where "reality" is what we think we see in front of our eyes when we look at the "real world"), the "neverwhere" in the title I chose for a public exhibition I mounted (see my photobook). I'm fascinated by the idea that surreal images exist "somewhere" in front of the camera lens (I'll take out extraneous stuff and highlight parts of the image or tonal range but I won't usually add things). So, they're not purely imaginary (as a painting might be), they are patterns of real-world light that people can see "anywhere" - if they're prepared to.

I am especially interested in the conjunction of photography and the fine arts and am a member of Mish Mash Wiltshire Artists and exhibit on the Peacock Trail. As Man Ray says: "I photograph the things that I do not wish to paint, the things which already have an existence" - although, personally, I can't actually paint what I might wish to paint as well as I can photograph it.

I am a keen member of the RPS and am on the committee of the RPS Western Region. I use Flickr and Facebook for experimentation and feedback and am on Pictify, Saatchi Online and other places (I have photographs for license on GettyImages). I am also a writer on technology - I write the Norfolk Punt blog for Bloor Research Interrnational