Photography at David Rhys Enterprises Ltd | 4 - Making the Invisible Visible

  • This has been a continuing theme of most of my local exhibitions over the last 5 years (at the Peacock Trail, Cloth Road, Pound Arts, a pop-up exhibition in Chippenham Emery Gate and with MishMash). The Invisible is what your brain doesn’t let you see; it becomes Visible by messing with your brain.
  • The general theme is that painting (and heavy use of Photoshop Graphic Arts) can show that the human mind is a more surreal and interesting place than the mundane world; but the camera (using different perspectives and viewpoints, including the use of specialised macro and fisheye lenses, and InfraRed-enabled sensors) can show that there is surreality and semi-abstraction in the real world, in front of the camera lens, if the brain can be persuaded to perceive it.
  • In my opinion, visual perception is as much about about the brain acting as a fuzzy logic analogue computer on inputs from all of our senses, and our experience, than it is about the poor-quality inverted image on our retinas. In this, I am generally influenced (without trying to copy them) by my regular visits to view artworks at the Tate Modern and the V&A.
  • I present 15 representative images from a much larger body of work.
  • All pictures are resized to suit Zenfolio. Full size TIF images are available on request, but achieving ARPS shows that my technique is adequate; it is more appropriate to suit the image size etc to its context.
2014 Ships that pass in the nightAtrium